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BF Anderson
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The Future is / Bright
BF/Anderson is a Registered Investment Advisor firm in Baton Rouge specializing in growth equity. For nearly 20 years, we have focused on maximizing our clients’ earning power, providing them with the peace of mind that comes with knowing financial success is on the horizon.
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BF Anderson
Our Strategy is / Unique
We concentrate our clients’ investments into a select group of stocks that we believe have the largest growth potential. We do not invest in a overly diverse range of equities. Rather, we become experts on a small group of companies, closely monitoring each of them on a daily basis.
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BF Anderson
We’re Driven by an / Expert
Budd "Andy" Anderson knows the stock market inside and out. For nearly 40 years he has accumulated valuable experience and insight, and he uses that expertise to help his clients build their wealth for a comfortable future. Find out how you can utilize Budd’s financial advisory experience to benefit your investment portfolio.
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We believe in transparency because we’re confident in our approach. Our focused strategy gets results, and we are always eager to keep our clients updated. Click here to see what we’ve been doing with your investments.
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