Our Strategy

Others avoid risk. We embrace it.

Tricks of the Trade

Most people invest in a broad range of stocks to ensure portfolio diversity and to minimize risk. Mutual funds are great tools for those looking to make small to modest returns on their investments; but saving for retirement is a race against time. Modest returns may not get you where you need to be for your Golden Years.

Balance is Key

Wall Street is a vehicle of opportunity. Everyone is familiar with the phrase “high risk, high reward.” Making safe investment decisions won’t provide you with hefty returns, but taking on unnecessary risk is not the solution. We strive to find the balance between safety and risk to maximize your earning power.

The BF/Anderson Approach

With our strategy, your investments will be directed into a small group of carefully selected stocks. Using the right information and calculated projections, a little risk can go a long way. Our strategy will help you get there — we call it focused investing.

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BF Anderson
Focused Investing
Diversification provides safety. We're focused on growth.
Rather than investing in a broad range of diversified stocks, our advisers urge clients to concentrate their investments into a smaller group of 7 to 10 companies that we carefully select for our portfolio. Over-diversification makes it difficult to carefully monitor the companies in a portfolio of 20-30 stocks. Our strategy streamlines the process, allowing us to stay ahead of emerging market trends through in-depth research and daily monitoring.

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The "Investment Checklist"
The investment decisions we make on your behalf are made using our president’s strategic securities checklist, which he uses to screen every company in the BF/Anderson portfolio, ensuring every investment’s growth potential.
  • Is there a mass market for the company’s products?
  • Does the company have new and revolutionary products or services?
  • Is the company‘s management bold and entrepreneurial?
  • Are shareholders happy?
  • Are earnings growth or revenue growth projected to be exceptional?
  • Is the stock price trend positive?
  • Does the company re-invest its extra cash for further innovation and growth?
  • Is the market capitalization reasonable?
Wondering if our investment approach is right for you? Give us a call. We’d be happy to sit down over lunch and discuss our services in more detail.