Andy's Two Cents

Notes and thoughts from our director.

What is a Secular Bull Market?

To our firm it is “Nirvana”. A secular bull market happened from 1945-1965 then from 1974- 2000. The market moves in an upward trend anywhere from 10 to 25 years. Along the way there will be corrections and bubbles, but they do not necessarily cause an end to the bull market. There are also secular bear markets. The term […]

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Who is the Ideal Client?

Years of experience in the ever-changing landscape of the stock market has taught us many lessons, but one of the top lessons learned is the one about staying power. There are no “risk-free” strategies out there, so your best bet is to buckle down with an advisor you trust and let him or her do […]

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Is there an Ideal Investment?

All investors are looking for the permanent perfect investment, but if it existed everyone would want a piece of the action. There is nothing wrong with this desire, but as far as my experience goes, the total ideal “investment” is non-existent. Markets do quite a bit of rotating based on many underlying variables, so succeeding […]

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Why do people so commonly see the investing world so wrongly and become so error prone?

A big part is that our brains didn’t evolve to deal with ever changing landscapes of capital markets. Humans are intuitive thinkers, but markets are inherently counterintuitive. Common sense thinking is important in many aspects of life, but frequently hurts you big with investing. All humans have opinions, but this can be your greatest enemy […]

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